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6 Reasons to Switch to PVC Rain Gutters

August 27, 2021

Making the switch from metal to PVC rain gutters is advantageous for a number of reasons. The advantages are that PVC gutters are strong, flexible, inexpensive, durable, adaptable, and easy to install. You will no longer have to deal with bent metal gutters. Because they are made from plastic, you immediately gain the many benefits of that material. If it is time to replace the gutters and downspouts on your home, strongly consider using PVC as an alternative to tin or aluminum.

6 Reasons to Switch to PVC Rain Gutters

1. Strength

The first reason to switch to PVC gutters is strength. PVC is made from molded plastic which means that the gutters are formed in one continuous unit. There is no paint to scratch, or welded seams to corrode over time. In the shape and size of gutters, plastic is stronger than metal alternatives. The weight of snow, ice or other loads will have less of an effect on PVC gutters. Plus, ladders will not dent the material and any blemishes on the surface will not be visible.

2. Flexibility

Another reason to use PVC is its flexibility. Unlike metal gutters, PVC will not lose its shape when it bows slightly. In fact, it is manufactured to be able to bow with weight. Metal gutters are flexible, but when their shape is distorted they stay that way. Bending, denting, and twisting effects in metal gutters are easily visible and can become an eyesore. With PVC, you avoid these problems.

3. Price

Using PVC for your gutters is less expensive than installing metal. You do not want the final result to look cheap, but if you pick the right product, you will end up with a nice system of gutters at an affordable price. Be sure to hire the right people to install it so that you do not have to deal with poor workmanship.

4. Adaptability

Because PVC gutters are injection molded plastic, their shape and color can be adapted to the style of your home. Custom orders will likely increase the price you pay, but if you want the gutters to match precisely with the exterior of your home, this is an option available to you. You may also be able to purchase PVC gutters made from recycled materials. In this way, you are contributing to a sustainable living arrangement while using a superior product.

5. Installation

PVC gutters are easy to install. The sections of PVC are very lightweight and snap together quickly. With the right tools, it is a job that you can do yourself without a lot of expense. There is a skill to the installation of gutters including the proper mounting and pitch, but because PVC is less burdensome to work with, the job is easier.

6. Durability

PVC is very light, flexible and strong. It is well suited for use in colder temperatures that receive a lot of snowfall. Also, because it is water-resistant, PVC gutters will never freeze, rust, or corrode.

The K-style Gutter

The majority of homes in the United States use the k-style gutter instead of the half-round type. K-style gutters mimic the colonial-style crown molding and fit well into modern homes. Unlike half-round gutters that curve like a semi-circle, the k-style gutters are flat on one side. The flat side of the gutter can be nailed directly into the fascia board.

To k-style gutters are available in different lengths and sizes. You buy k-style gutters as pre-cut or whole length. Pre-cut k-style gutters can be assembled and joined at the seams with connectors and sealants while whole length k-style gutters can be cut at the site so you can fit the entire length of your roof with a seamless gutter system.

Because the material is more durable, especially in regions prone to extreme weather, PVC is superior to metal gutters. It is less expensive than metal, yet it is customizable to adapt to the exterior finish of your home. If you are replacing your gutters, consider PVC as a viable option.

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