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3 Tab Asphalt Shingle




Pack:21pieces per bundle

Sq.m/Bundle:3.10 square meter per bundle

Weight:27kg per bundle ±1kg

Product Description


Product Name
3 Tab Asphalt Shingles
Natural Stone Granules+95g/m2 or 110g/m2 Fiberglass+Asphalt
Black, Red, Blue, Green, Customized
Temperature Range
Tensile Strength(Longitudinal)(N/50mm)
Tensile Strength(Transversal)(N/50mm)
Heat Resistance
No flow, slide, drippage and bubble(90°C)
No crack being bent for 10°C
Nail Resistance
Resist To Tearing
Weather Exposure
Wind Resistance
30 years
Residential, Commercial construction roof


What’s Asphalt Shingles?

Although wood shingles, slate, tile, metal, and a host of other materials can be used to surface house roofs, asphalt stands out as the roofing material of choice because it is relatively affordable, easy to apply, fire-resistant, comparatively lightweight, available almost every-where, and durable enough to last for 15 to 40 years.

In the past, uninteresting appearance was the biggest strike against asphalt roofing-it just didn't offer the visual interest and charm of classic materials such as wood and tile. But things have changed.Today, asphalt shingles are sold in many textures, grades, and styles that are reasonably convincing at mimicking the look and character of traditional materials.

The Advantage of fiberglass asphalt shingle

The cost of asphalt shingle is lower than many other roofing tile,and the related charge for transportion and installment are reduced much because of light weight and easy installment.

2.Light weight and easy to install

The weight of asphalt shingle is much less weight compared with other roofing material,so it reduce the requirement for load-bearing support of roofing.

And the process of installment is easy,there are no special accessories are required and it easy to cut, fasten and fit.Asphalt shingles are considered the easiest roofing materials to install.

3.Wide application

Asphalt shingle could use for more wide-angle roofing slope than other roofing material,it could be used for 15°-90° roofing slope.It also could be used in any shape of the roofing and there are many colors could for choice.

4.Noise reduction and heat insulation

The stone chips could reduce the noise when raining or hailing,it also could insulate from heat when expose to extremely UV and keep warm in Winter.


The difference between architectural shingles and 3-Tab

Roofing materials and styles both fall into the category of asphalt shingles and share many similarities, but they are different. First, they vary in different important categories, from aesthetic appeal to longevity to water and wind resistance. Both roofing materials have their own characteristics and styles that make them unique.

Let's look at the differences between them.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so you can't say which one is more beautiful and how. It all depends on what you like, because technically it is difficult to choose a clear winner between the two in terms of aesthetics.

3-Tab shingles offer some texture on the roof, but it usually lays flat on the roof when installed and produces a clean finish. 3-Tab shingles come in different colors and they can easily match the look of any home.

However, architectural shingles offer versatility in size and shape, and they can give your roof a luxurious look. This is because it is manufactured in such a way that it can replicate expensive roofing styles such as slate and cedar milkshake.

It provides a unique look to the home and architectural roofing may enhance the curb appeal of the home and can even make your home different from all other homes in the area. But it all depends on the person's choice of the type of roof he/she wants for the home.

The Works

First, let's look at the composition of 3-tab shingles. It consists of asphalt, adhesive and an outer layer of outer granules backed by fiberglass. However, when it comes to architectural shingles, they form a higher quality material, which makes them appear thicker than 3-tab shingles.

In addition, architectural shingles are stronger binders, which contain a large number of finer particles. These particles are packed tightly into each other, which increases their longevity and durability.


Because architectural shingles are made up of multiple layers, they are thicker and heavier than 3-piece shingles. 3-piece shingles are nearly 50% lighter than architectural shingles. The heavy weight makes architectural shingles more durable and longer lasting than 3-tab shingles, but installing 3-tab shingles is always easier and faster.


Architectural shingles are made up of thicker materials in different layers that are more durable. This makes them better able to withstand all kinds of weather, such as wind, ice and heat. Therefore, as far as the service life of these two materials is concerned, 3-tab shingles last from 10 to 25 years, while architectural shingles last about 50 years.


Because of the short service life of 3-tab shingles, they also come with a short-term warranty. For example, 3-tab tiles come with a 20-25 year warranty, while architectural tiles come with a 40 year warranty.

Wind and Water Resistant

t3-tab shingles are very light, so they tend to be subject to strong winds, and if you live in a windy area, then these are not for you.

However, the thickness and weight of architectural shingles make them perfect for areas with strong winds. Architectural shingles can withstand winds of up to 120 miles per hour, while 3 shingles can only do half that. In addition, architectural shingles use a stronger adhesive for better retention during installation work.

Just like in wind resistance, architectural shingles top the list of 3-tab shingles when it comes to water resistance. Architectural shingles are laminated and coated with tightly packed granules that are incredibly water resistant.




3 Tab Asphalt Shingle

3 Tab Asphalt Shingle

3 Tab Asphalt Shingle

3 Tab Asphalt Shingle


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