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Chinese Antique Roof Tile

Chinese Roof Tiles Antique



The chinese antique roof tile has the characteristics of waterproof, thermal insulation and decoration, and has many quality advantages over traditional antique small green tiles, which completely overcomes the traditional antique small green tiles that are heavy, fragile, cumbersome to install, poor waterproof and heat insulation effect, and later maintenance. Due to the inherent defects of high cost, the product is suitable for various building roofs, especially suitable for high-end Chinese-style villas, Chinese-style courtyards, ancient construction projects, commercial streets and other mid-to-high-end buildings. It is a new generation of ideal high-quality roof tiles.

Five advantages

  • Delicate texture: The chinese antique roof tile type is classic, the texture is delicate, the architectural grade is improved, and the architectural style is highlighted.

  • Design science: The design is scientific and sophisticated, it will not leak, the service life is long, and no maintenance is required for life.

  • High-end quality: anti-freeze, anti-leakage, anti-cracking, quality assurance.

  • Innovative classic: colorfast, non-corroding, and clean as new.

  • High cost performance: light weight, high strength, integrated design, simple and convenient installation, and comprehensive cost performance.

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